Corvallis, Eugene both make list of 'Brainiest Cities'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- With both towns filled with staunch supporters backing either Oregon State University or University of Oregon, a study recently found both Eugene and Corvallis on a list of the brainiest cities in the US.

The question remains, which of the towns could bring home bragging rights in the age-old collegiate Civil War in central Oregon.

Luminosity, developers of online brain training exercises, released a study unveiling the "Top 100 Brainiest Cities in the United States". They used statistics measuring cognitive faculties like memory, problem solving skills and information processing speeds to determine the rankings.

Much like other studies that rank cities based on things like amount of retirees, work commutes or bike-friendliness, the study too that information and compiled a list of the overall smartest cities (on page 28). The study ranked Corvallis at 22nd overall smartest city in the nation, alongside many other college towns.

"The university is largely an influencer at this point," speculated Lainey Turner, a Corvallis business owner.

Eugene, home of the University of Oregon also made the top 100, placing at number 95.

"I think we should have at least been near their ranking," said Angie Alekzadeh, an Oregon alum. "I'm surprised we're that much lower."

This civil war battle of the brains is in the books, Corvallis being the clear winner.

At the top of the list that ranks cities on overall scores and core statistical areas is Ithaca, New York. Rounding out the top five are State College, PA; Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana; Iowa City, Iowa; and Ames, Iowa.