Corvallis decorative baskets: 'Who doesn't like flowers?'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Flowers are said to brighten up someone's day, and every year for about three decades the streets of Corvallis are lined with decorative flower baskets.

The City of Corvallis ran the summer program until 1994. A non-profit group, The Corvallis Flower Basket Program, took it upon themselves to continue the project.

Tom Verhoeven, who owns Peoria Gardens and serves as vice president of the Corvallis Flower Basket Program, said he has helped to donate the 250 flower baskets each year.

But at $25 dollars a basket, Verhoeven is shelling out $6,250 worth of flowers a year. Verhoeven said eventually he'll have to stop donating, so the group puts aside $2,000 a year in preparation.

The group collects at least $10,000 in donations to pay a contractor to care and water the baskets nightly from June until the end of September.

Verhoeven said they receive a lot of positive feedback from the community who admire the beauty the flowers bring.

"We get positive feedback all the time," Verhoeven said. "They just love the flowers and baskets. Who doesn't like flowers? Everybody does."

The group said the baskets will eventually be auctioned off to raise funds for next year.