Coos County DA: Man calls for ambulance, shot and arrested by officers

BANDON, Ore. -- Officers shot a man twice in the arm Tuesday night after he had called 911 for an ambulance, the Coos County District Attorney said.

District Attorney Paul Frasier said that the man, later identified as Charles Wayne Crum, requested medical assistance at his rural Bandon residence.

According to Bandon Police officials, Crum has a history of violent behavior with officers, as well as misdemeanor warrants on file.

The sheriff's office protocol states that officers must assist potentially dangerous subjects before sending out an ambulance.

Arriving officers, who thought the man was armed, fired shots and hit him in the arm, police said. Officials report that Crum refused treatment for his non-life threatening injuries and was taken directly to the Coos County Jail.

Officials said that the incident started at around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday when a man identifying himself as Charlie Crum called 911 asking for medical assistance or an ambulance.

Dispatch officials said that Crum couldn't provide a street address when they asked his location. The operators used a tracking feature to find that the call was coming from a property at the end of Marple Lane near Bandon, Oregon.

Officials said that Crum had been violent with Bandon Police officers in the past. When dealing with people like that, it is protocol to send a sheriff's deputy to the scene before sending an ambulance, the sheriff's office said.

A Bandon Police officer responded to the call since their police department was closer than the nearest Coos County sheriff's deputies.

The responding officer reported that when he arrived on-scene Crum ran from his fifth-wheel trailer and hid in the nearby brush.

District Attorney Frasier said that rather than force the issue, the officer drove away from the property and waited for backup to arrive.

A short time later, Crum called 911 again asking for an ambulance and complaining that they sent out the police instead, officials said.

The DA's release said that another Bandon officer and two sheriff's deputies came out to assist in the situation.

Police said that the responding officers called out to Crum, who they believed was still in the underbrush.

The officers said that as they were leaving the property, Crum (who was actually inside the trailer) opened the door to the fifth-wheel and stood in the doorway holding what appeared to be a rifle.

Frasier said that all four officers opened fire, fearing for their safety. Crum was hit twice in the arm, police said.

Crum refused medical treatment for the non-life threatening gunshot wounds and was taken to the Coos County Jail on his outstanding warrants, the district attorney said.

The Coos Bay Police Department is heading the investigation into the shooting. Since officers from both Bandon Police and the Coos County Sheriff's Office shot at Crum, those agencies will not be involved in the investigation.

The district attorney said that investigators are working to determine whether the officers actions were permissible under Oregon law, and to decide if Crum should face other charges.