Coos Bay motel standoff ends in suicide

COOS BAY, Ore. -- An armed man that barricaded himself in a motel room at the Edgewater Inn at Coos Bay Monday morning took his own life in a standoff, police said.

Officers from Coos Bay, Oregon State and North Bend Police Departments responded to the Edgewater Inn at Coos Bay at around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

The man shot at police, hitting the room's door. The man then barricaded himself in the room, and did not respond when authorities tried to resolve the situation.

After close to 8 hours, SWAT teams attempted to gain access to the motel room. Police fired a Flash Bang concussion grenade near the room and broke down the door to gain entry. Officials with CBPD said that officers found him dead from an apparent suicide.

Authorities are not releasing the man's name at this time.

Police told KCBY news that the man was involved in an ongoing stalking situation. Police identified the man's car at the Edgewater Inn and went to his room to question him about the stalking situation.

SWAT teams worked with emergency crews to evacuate all of the occupants on the same side of the Edgewater inn as the man. Occupants on the opposite side (potentially in the line of fire) were moved into one room under the supervision of authorities.

No other casualties were been reported aside from the man's death. Captain Cal Mitts with the Coos Bay Police Department said that there were no hostages involved in this situation.

A manager at the neighboring Safeway store told KVAL news that all of the surrounding businesses were on lock-down, with no one allowed in or out for over two hours. Patrons and employees at those stores were safely evacuated at around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon.

This is developing situation, for updates continue to look to or watch the KVAL broadcasts at 5 & 6.