'Confessions' Facebook pages a concern for OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Students at Oregon State University are turning to Facebook to post their confessions, but some say the posts are inappropriate.

Students are choosings Facebook pages like OSU Confessions and Oregon State University Confessions to post their darkest secrets.

Some start off innocently, one reads "I feel like I am invisible on campus."

Others are more more threatening.

Another goes, "if you flip your hair on my desk one more time I'm not joking I will cut it off and shove it down you're throat."

"We are very concerned about inappropriate representations of the university. We are even more concerned when statements are made by someone that can be harassing or racially insensitive," said Steve Clark, Vice President of University Relations.

Users post their confession to a box. The admin then posts the confession to the Facebook page anonymously.

Reaction to the site on campus is mixed.

"I like it. I think it is funny to see everyone's opinions and thoughts on everything on OSU. Girlfriend based, what girls think of guys and what guys think of girls," said Cameron Lieburn, an OSU student.

Lieburn said his fraternity was mentioned in one of the posts.

"We were sexy or hot or something. It was a confidence boost but we don't really know who did it," Lieburn said.

But others think the confessions pages are inappropriate noting that it is easy to figure out who the posts are talking about.

OSU says they want to make it clear they are not associated with the pages and have asked for their logo to be removed. They say they won't infringe on freedom of speech but the encourage students to make good choices online.

"Establish accountability, do not engage in hiding behind the boundries of the OSU confessions site," Clark said.