Condo complex divided on choice to cut down tree

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- An 80-year-old tree growing near a condominium complex in Springfield saw its last day Wednesday, and some of the people living near the towering giant were unhappy to see it cut down.

Board members of the condo association said they decided to cut down the tree because cleaning up falling leaves was costly and the tree posed a safety liability.

Sandi Mann, one of the residents at the condominiums at F Street and Pioneer Parkway, told KVAL News she was given 36 hours notice that this 60-foot tree that has shaded the area for over 80 years would be removed.

"I've tried everything in my power to stop the tree coming down, but they are taking it down anyway," said Mann. "It provides shade I have a western exposure. I'll have no shade in the summer now. It's a haven for nature... I've seen squirrels up there."

While some people like Mann enjoyed the benefits of living under a canopy of green, other residents like Sarah Moseley said the property upkeep caused by the tree made for more work than it was worth.

"Whenever the branches would fall down in the wind they would knock off shingles, they'd be dangerous," Moseley said.

"I suggested a compromise of doing a tree trim - which I think was really needed - but they didn't listen," Mann said.

Even though the elderly tree was taken down Wednesday, the Condo association said it will be planting a magnolia tree in its place.