Community Alliance of Lane County vandalism: 'Disturbed by it, but we are not intimidated'

About a month ago, the Community Alliance for Lane County was vandalized. That began a rash of vandalism. Photo courtesy of CALC.

EUGENE, Ore.- The Community Alliance of Lane County's front porch is clean now.

But about a month ago, it was marred by graffiti involving Nazi symbolism.

It was just the beginning of a month of vandalism.

Next, it was a hateful note targeting President Obama, filled with racial slurs and homophobic sentiment.

Then someone defaced one of CALC's signs asking people to fill in the blank: "I'd rather pay for ____ than war!"

"We feel very threatened and disturbed by it, but we are not intimidated by that," CALC Program Director Michael Carrigan said. "It was racist, homophobic and antisemitic. It was very disturbing graffiti."

Carrigan told KVAL that the person who wrote the note and defaced the CALC sign actually stepped into the CALC office.

"The person who did that actually knocked on our door and came in and talked to our staffer, Amy," Carrigan said.

Administrative coordinator Amy Bowers says the experience was scary.

"He was basically just ranting about Obama and calling him the n-word and just trying to convince me that he was right," Bowers said. "And I was alone in the office and had to tell him to get out forcefully multiple times."

But both Carrigan and Bowers say the community rallied around CALC, and they're still standing strong.

"We're going to keep doing the anti-hate work that we do, we're going to keep being a force in the community against hate, we're going to keep bringing the community together to show people like that that we don't stand for that," Bowers said.

Carrigan says CALC did report graffiti to the Eugene Police. We contacted police about the case, and they say they're working to bring us more information.

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