Color Me Rad 5K returns for a second run in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. For the second time in its history, Color Me Rad fun run returned to Valley River Center to provide community members quality - and colorful -- entertainment.

"I had a ton of fun, " Stephanie Wise, a participant from Eugene, said. Wise joined so her son could have the opportunity to engage in physical activity, in a non-competitive environment.

Those who participated had the opportunity to be covered in colored cornstarch before the race, during and after. Throughout the 5K, runners were doused with color packets at a variety of "color" stations.

This year, for the first time in history of the event, Color Me Rad participants were given miniature fire extinguishers that were filled with color. Before and after the race, participants doused their friends with a stream of colors.

"We were really excited to announce the new addition of these color fire extinguishers," Emily Clifford said. "This way, people who want to can douse their friends with even more color."

When runners crossed the finish line, they were handed "color bombs" containing an assortment of colors. After the emcee counted them down, the finishers simultaneously threw their "color bombs" in the air to create a mass cloud of color over the parking lot.

"The color bombs were really cool because I've never seen anything like them," Wise said. "We could throw them up in the air, and it was a giant cloud of color. My son really enjoyed it."

Color Me Rad stages the event in numerous cities across the United States each year, and during each stop, they select a local non-profit to which to donate the proceeds. This year in Eugene they partnered with Relief Nursery, a non-profit child abuse agency designed to strengthen high-risk families and prevent youth from being in dangerous situations, like instances of domestic violence.

"We think Color Me Rad brings great quality entertainment to the communities we visit, and we're very excited to return next year for our third time to Eugene," Clifford said.