Coalition to End Sexual Violence issues list of demands to UO

EUGENE, Ore. - A campus group issued a list of demands Monday and handed them over to University of Oregon administrators as the fallout from public release of a police report on allegations of rape against 3 basketball players continued.

The rally organized by the UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence marched to Johnson Hall, where two administrators received a copy of the demands handed to them by protesters.

The incident happened March 9, and the woman's father called UO Police the same day.

The woman first spoke to Eugene Police later that week. Police later asked the University to hold off on taking any action while the criminal investigation took place.

The district attorney declined to press charges April 14.

The university obtained a copy of the police report April 24 after police redacted portions of the document to comply with state privacy laws.

The athletic director and head basketball coach read the report April 30 and took action within 24 hours, they said.

On Monday, May 4, the athletic department issued a press release saying the 3 players named in the report were not taking part in basketball activities.

Widespread press coverage of the content of that report started later that same day.

The district attorney explained his office's decision not to bring charges - first in writing, and then in person.

Protesters marched on Johnson Hall on the University of Oregon campus on Thursday.

Last Friday, top university officials held a press conference on the topic. The head basketball coach met with reporters later in the day Friday.

Here is the full text of the UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence press release:

On Monday, May 12 at noon, the UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence (UO-CESV) will rally with students, staff, and faculty at Johnson Hall to hand the President's Office a list of demands regarding our concerns about safety and sexual violence on our campus. We are demanding that UO administrators hold a press conference by Thursday, May 15 to respond to these requests.

The demands:

1. Provide advocacy independent of UO for survivors of sexual violence that corresponds to actual rates of sexual violence at the University;

2. Support the expansion of the UO's Multicultural General Education requirements to include at least one mandatory class that addresses gender, sexuality, and social inequality in the United States;

3. Provide resources for Dr. Jennifer Freyd's research team so that they can begin conducting their campus climate research survey by Monday, June 2, 2014;

4. Appoint a UO-CESV member to the committee charged with revising the student conduct code, as well as to all future committees regarding sexual misconduct and prevention;

5. Hold a press conference at noon on Thursday, May 15 that includes the following:

A public apology from the University Administration for lying about the University's failure to act on a reported sexual assault;

An outline of specific measures regarding sexual violence prevention at the University of Oregon and a list of specific resources that will be allocated to these measures;

A public signing of the Academic Freedom policy, which will enable staff to speak freely and openly on this and other issues regarding the University;

A direct response to items 1-4 above.