Clothesline Project: Veterans recover from military sexual trauma

EUGENE, Ore. - The 58 t-shirts on the second floor of the old Federal courthouse are on display, but you may not be allowed to go see them.

Veterans of military sexual trauma are invited to visit the Clothesline Project, coordinated by the Behavioral Health Recovery Unit of the local Veterans Administration office.

The project started in 1990 in Massachusetts. This is the 5th year in Eugene. The exhibit is open only to veterans.

The t-shirts come from veteranss going through therapy. They grab blank t-shirt, write what they feel and get it out.

The shirts express all kinds of trauma.

There is all kinds of trauma.

The Department of Defense reported about 3,200 documented reports of sexual assault on active duty personel in 2011, but former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says it's so unreported. Estimates range as high as 19,000 incidents per year, or more.

Veterans should contact the VA to arrange a tour of the exhibit.