Climber reaches sky-high goal of 100k vertical feet in a year

EUGENE, Ore. -- Climbing the over 14,000 feet to the top of Mount Shasta satisfies most.

Not Brian Wood.

The Eugene man achieved a personal record of climbing 100,000 vertical feet within a year.

"Last year I did 75,000 in 10 months," Wood said. "When I saw I hit exactly 75,000 after I added all my gains up, I thought 'I wonder if I could do 100,000 in a year?'."

Starting on January 2, 2013 Wood ascended Maxwell Butte with his wife, Robin, and four climbing buddies. That kicked off his challenge with just over 6,000 feet.

"When I looked at my logs in June or July, I saw I was at 50,000, and I knew it was within reach," said Wood.

He averaged about 3,000 feet per climb. Over the course of 2013 he reached 37 peaks, some days climbing two peaks in one day.

From Spencer Butte to the Middle Sister, from Mount Shasta in California to Mount Ellinor in the Olympic Range in Washington, Wood has probably climbed it.

What keeps Wood going?

"Just the beauty of the peaks," said Wood. "It's kind of addicting."

Wood says it's about sharing nature with someone else. He does have one rule: "When you get to a summit with me, you better expect a hug."

Brian Wood finished his 100,000 foot challenge with a hike to the summit of Maxwell Butte on December 27, 2013.

Wood's total distance for the year? 100,640 vertical feet.