Class on Native American history gets grant

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Students at Douglas High School have the chance to take a class that's not offered anywhere else in the county.

Joe Reihl, an educator at the High School teaches a class called Introduction to Native American Studies, in which students learn about the history and culture of Native American tribes.

Reihl started up the class 6 years ago because he said that, students were not learning anything about the indigenous people of the North American continent.

"The overriding goal for me is to create in them a sense of awareness and a sense of responsibility to other people," said Reihl.

His class has attracted some attention from groups representing Native American people. The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation gave Reihl a $6,000 grant to keep the class going.

Reihl recently received the Bus Rondeau award for his work on the course. He said that he plans on offering the class for the rest of his career as an educator.