Civil War veteran gets headstone after 92 years in unmarked grave

EUGENE, Ore. -- A Civil War veteran that was buried in an unmarked grave for over 90 years was honored with a headstone at Eugene's Pioneer Cemetery on Monday during the annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

Flags were placed next to headstones as people gathered around the civil war memorials to remember the fallen.

Just south of the main ceremony sat a recently placed headstone for a veteran who has finally been recognized after the cemetery's genealogist discovered who he was.

"She discovered that this gentleman has been unmarked for about the past 92 years," said Steve Betschart, of the Sons of Union Veterans.

The soldier was found to be Private Adelbert Walkley, a saddler in the Civil War was one of the 15 to 20,000 soldiers who came to Oregon after the war. He was 18 years old.

"We acknowledge there's so much we do not know about him," said Reverend D.H. Shearer, "His hobbies, his interests, his personality. But we do know he answered his country's call when it was most needed."

The genealogist located some living relatives in Roseburg who were unaware they were related to Walkley.

The family was at the dedication Monday as his gravesite was finally marked with a headstone.

"This is one of 115 unmarked soldiers we have located here in Oregon, and have been able to mark in the last eight to ten years. We're still finding them everyday," Sons of Union Veterans member Mark Stevens.

Steve Betschart said a sad part of all of this is they have a number of soldiers who will remain in unmarked graves. In order to make a headstone, the Veterans Administration requires they find at least one living relative.