Civil War reenactors give Lebanon a blast from the past

LEBANON Ore. -- Life during 1863 was put on display at Cheadle Lake this weekend as Civil War reenactors lived (and died) as though they were fighting in the war that divided our nation.

The reenactment, hosted by the Northwest Civil War Council, ran through the weekend but coincided with National Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

Bobby Thurman and his friend Cassie Shipman were both too young to join the fight, and sat on the sidelines as soldiers gave them a blast from the past.

"It's awesome it makes you feel like you're really doing it, living in that time!" said Bobby. "I think it's about to start. Oh look at the cannon!"

"It's really loud, so you might want to plug your ears," Cassie replied, jamming her fingers into her ears.

Cassie said that she's been to plenty of battles, and can't wait to participate in the fun. Her enthusiasm is something that the president of the NW Civil War Council Scott Ingalls looks for in participants, as everyone has to stay in character for the reenactment.

"Most of our members spend a good deal of their winters studying civil war and learning personas," said Ingalls. "We're all dear friends. And we sit around and visit, its really camping on steroids and its set in 1863."

The Cheadle Lake event is one of the numerous spring and summer events put on by the Northwest Civil War Council. Visit their website to find out where you can see the reenactments first-hand.