Civic goes to the city. What's next for YMCA & Fred Meyer?

EUGENE, Ore. -- The board voted six to one Wednesday night to accept the city's proposal to restore Civic Stadium, saying their decision is the city's best option for future generations.

Representatives from Eugene YMCA and Fred Meyer say they respect the board's decision.

"We were disappointed with the vote last night," said Dave Perez of the Eugene YMCA. "Although I do appreciate the time and effort the board members have gone through to try to arrive at a decision."

Melinda Merrill of Fred Meyer had a similar response on the Civic Stadium decision..

"We have a tremendous amount of respect for everything they have put into this, and we respect their decision," said Merrill.

The board states the city's proposal was the fastest and simplest transaction.

"There's no land-use process, there's no demolition permit process, it's a clean deal," said 4J School Board member Beth Gerot.

The city has six months to run the bases and privately raise $3 million to restore the Historic Civic Stadium.

If the miss the goal within the time-frame, the city must present a business plan to city council for a three-month extension.

"The stated goal of $3 million in fundraising would not be enough for restoration, to meet city code requirements or for ongoing operations," said Gerot.

The YMCA is not planning to wait to move forward, already expressing their interest in co-locating with the new Roosevelt Middle School site.

Merrill said Fred Meyer is always looking for new opportunities.

All three of those with bids on 4J's property expressed their continued appreciation of the community support and feedback they've received.

YMCA associate director Julie Grossman said they've already sent a request letter to the 4J, hoping to partner with the school district and establish planning and construction.

"As soon as the middle school kids are able to move into their new Roosevelt site, perhaps that would be a site available. We're not sure about that, we still have to have those conversations, but it's a very exciting potential," said Grossman.

She said the YMCA needs to make a decision by April 1, and hope to have shovels in the ground within the next couple years.