City adds parking patrols in Friendly neighborhood

EUGENE, Ore. - Laura Byerly lives off Filmore Street in a neighborhood she describes as a typical Eugene suburb: folks walking their dogs, kids playing in the streets.

New to her neighborhood: City of Eugene parking service officers making daily visits.

"We all pay taxes, we're all paying for this," Byerly said. "This is something we're all paying for and i feel it's not something I need to pay for on my road."

About a month ago, Byerly and other residents in the Friendly area received a notice in their neighborhood newsletter that the City of Eugene would now make frequent visits to cite anyone who parks illegally.

"It just seems like they're putting in a job or adding an area into their route they normally wouldn't go to so they can get more money for the city," Byerly said.

She thinks parking service officers belong downtown or near campus, not in a family neighborhood.

Her neighborhood needs speed enforcement, she said.

"The bigger issue, if people want to make an issue about automobiles in this area, is that people fly down Filmore to bypass Chambers," she said.

The City of Eugene said parking officers are in the area not for the money but for the safety and education of motorists.
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"It's really the parking behavior we're trying to change not necessarily the neighborhood area," said Laura Hammond, community outreach coordinator for the City's planning and development department. "It's really just a response to some neighborhood livability issues we've been hearing about from neighborhood associations."

The City of Eugene said parking officers will probably make the Friendly neighborhood one of their routes through the end of summer.