Cirque du Soleil 'Quidam' swoops into Matt Court

EUGENE, Ore. - The well-known stage production, Cirque du Soleil Quidam, swooped into Eugene for performances at Matthew Knight Arena this week.

The show consists of acrobat routines, aerial hoops, skipping ropes, and many more daring acts.

The eye-catching performances helps tell the story of a girl named Zoe.

"It's like a story about this girl who is being ignored by her parents and who is busy with their lives," said Ardee Dionisio, a performer in the show. "That's when this little girl kind of had this imaginary world which is actually Quidam."

Ardee Dionisio is a 29-year-old native of Austria who is one of the star's of the Quidam show.

"My character is 'Target,' I'm kind of the best friend of the main character," Dionisio said.

A ballet dancer at heart, Dionisio never dreamed he'd be traveling around the world performing with 55 other talented performers from all over the world.

"The first time I saw my colleagues I was amazed at how they could do this thing," Dionisio said.

Though his acts may appear to be pretty daring as well, Dionisio doesn't think of it that way at all.

"Every time I'm on stage, I always feel like it's just my playground and I have to enjoy it," Dionisio said.

Cirque Du Soleil Quidam performances will be happening every night through Sunday, Oct. 28.

Tickets can be purchased at Matt Knight Arena.