Chili cook-off to empower women of all shapes and sizes

The Defiant Diva Boutique's Chili cook off on September 24th, 2017. in Springfield, Ore.  

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Defiant Diva Boutique hosted their 3rd annual Chili Cook Off on Sunday, hoping to raise money for their charity “A Diva in Need.”

The group was started 4 years ago after owner reached out to plus size women to be in her fashion show.

The divas have grown from 4 women to now 35, and they continue to expand.

“I aspire to inspire before I expire and that is what I want to do — The Divas help me do that,” said Lindsey Robinson, one of the 35 Divas.

Their mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and they all do it with early-1950’s style.

“It's all shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds — there is not one diva that doesn't feel like they fit in,” said Robinson.

Event coordinator, Jennifer Judd says the Defiant Diva Boutique carries sizes many stores don’t.

“The store here has extra small clothes from plus sixe 6x,” said Judd.

Many women have low self-esteem when it comes to purchasing clothes, that is one of the reason for starting the charity.

“Raising money and getting donations to help give clothing to any women who might need it and shape, size,” said Judd.

They are expanding their ideals to other age groups and states.

“To having a division of the divas for teen girls, we are looking at having a division of the divas for women outside of Oregon,” said Robinson.

Something Robinson says she is proud to be a part of and be raising two daughter in.

“Women love each other different shapes, different sizes, different orientations and different backgrounds and we love to support each other and I get to raise two girls in that world,” said Robinson.

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