Child battling cancer feeds homeless: 'It's what makes me feel good'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Ten year old Keegan Keppner has terminal cancer. One of the things on his bucket list was checked off this morning.

""We got breakfast for you guys," Keegan's stepfather says, approaching the Whoville camp on Franklin Blvd. and Hilyard St.

After learning homeless protestors would have to move this coming week, Keegan decided to make breakfast for the campers still at the site.

On Thursday night, the City of Eugene said it was replacing "no camping" signs with "no trespassing signs."

The "no trespassing" signs up the ante from a citation for camping on city property to an arrest.

According to the city, the camp located at Broadway and Hilyard Avenue needs to be shut down and swept clean. A fence will also be put up shortly after.

"I just feel bad for the people becoming homeless," Keegan says. "I don't want anyone to become homeless."

In 2005, Keegan was diagnosed with a terminal form of Glioma, a cancerous tumor that affects the brain and spine. He also suffers from Hyrdocephalus, a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid fills the brain.

He says it won't let it stop him.

"It's what makes me feel good."

Keegan and his stepfather plan to return Tuesday morning with chili, regardless of whether the city is removing campers from the property.