Chicken shortage makes wings an expensive Super Bowl snack

EUGENE, Ore. -- Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day for food consumption in the US, second only to Thanksgiving.

For many, those plates heaped with grub would not be complete without chicken wings.

Some like them hot ... others prefer them covered in BBQ sauce but a national shortage chicken wings have made them an expensive addition to snack spread this year.

The National Chicken Council said that a chicken shortage put wing prices up 14 percent from last year, leaving shoppers like Jody Irwin flocking to spots with the great deals.

"It's two bucks off you bet it's a good deal!" Irwin said while checking out at the deli counter of Fred Meyer in Eugene. "Chicken tenders are normally $6.99 now they are $4.99 and the fact that it's a Super Bowl sale works for me."

In spite of the shortage, the National Chicken Council said that more than a billion chicken wings will be consumed this weekend.

Even though those wings are pricey, Kyle Rimbley said that the increases aren't a huge surprise. He said that he has seen a gradual increase in Super Bowl shopping expenses across the board.

"I used to never be able to come in this store for $100 now it's $200 for our family," said Rimbley.

While some food prices might be high around Super Bowl XLVII favorites, many retailers offer incentives to get shoppers in their store.

"For an event like this I wouldn't consider prices. It's more like trying to impress the people that we are meeting with and make sure you bring something good and not just the veggie tray," said Rimbley.

For shoppers hoping to get a simple veggie plate, inclimate weather caused a shortage of carrots, celery and other produce that has driven up prices for the greener snacks.