Chetco Bar Fire leaves grieving family in despair


BROOKINGS, Ore. - A handful of families are now without homes due to the Chetco Bar Fire in Southern Oregon.

One of those effected by this disaster is Cecelia Worlton, who says she is still trying to cope with the loss.

Worlton describes the charred remains of her Brookings area home of 20 years - destroyed by the Chetco Bar Fire.

"You could see outlines of where our chair was - where our bed had come down," said Worlton.

She says the the preparation for the fire didn't matter, but that the fire just moved too quickly:

"We had storage, things ready to go - a 'go bag' if you will - we were prepared and we lost it all anyway."

For her family, the fire could not have come at a worse time, as they were already grieving the loss of loved ones.

"We have had three deaths in the family this week," said Worlton. "I had and aunt, a cousin and a brother pass away, and then our house."

As Worlton goes over past photos of her home, she tells herself that it's not about the possessions lost, but rather the memories and spirits that were left in the house.

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