Cheetah cubs now out for the public to see

WINSTON, Ore. -- The wait is over, and after 4 1/2 months, Dapper and Donovan are now on display.

The two new cheetah cubs can now be seen at Wildlife Safari's drive-through.

Arielle Schepmoes from the Safari says they are pretty active right now. "They definitely have a lot of energy when they decide to be playful, so, if you happen to come by and you see them running around, it's quite a treat," she said.

At only 4 1/2 months, the cubs have their own distinct personalities. "Dapper's the smaller one, a little bit lighter, and Donovan is larger, also the more bold of the two," said Schepmoes. "He's the one who's more likely to come up to someone, take meat from you."

With Dapper and Donovan packing on the pounds each day, staff have big plans for these twins. "Their dad is about to turn 7 this year with his brother. So, we're hoping that these two, when they come of breeding age, will kind of be the replacement for them. So, hopefully they'll be our breeding coalition and they'll be our breeding males in the future."