Chainsaw Art Festival this weekend on McKenzie River

BLUE RIVER, Ore. - Carvers revved up their chainsaws and got to work carving sculptures of bears, eagles - even sasquatch - out of giant logs at the McKenzie River Chainsaw Art Festival, which runs through Sunday.

Chainsaw art?

"It goes back to the heart of the logging days," chainsaw carver Bob King said of the artform. "I think it started way back with a bored logger, sitting on a landing waiting for a load to come up, and he carved himself a little chair from a stump. We have refined that."

King started carving with a chainsaw more than a decade ago.

"Fifteen years ago, I was at an event similar to this, watching a local artist," he said. "Like everyone else I was in awe and thought, 'Oh my gosh, this is just the coolest thing in the world.' I decided, maybe i can do this."

Now he can turn a chunk of wood into a bear's head, just like that.

"We take something that's just an old chunk of wood, we use a loud, obnoxious piece of equipment," he said, "and we make beautiful artwork."