Century-old tree in way of EMU expansion on UO campus

EUGENE, Ore. - Some trees are being cut down to make room for expansion of the Erb Memorial Union on the University of Oregon campus.

Whitey Lueck objects to the loss of a particular London planetree, which he said is at least 80 years old - if not older. Lueck said the tree is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Oregon.

Lueck, an adjunct instructor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, said he is upset he was not contacted to help with the project.

He said he would have suggested figuring out a way to incorporate the tree into the buildings design.

As a person known for leading tours of both campus and city trees, Lueck thinks he should have been consulted.

The university has held many open meetings in regards to the design and the issue around the tree didn't come up until just a week ago, said Laurie Woodward, EMU Director.

It is too late to save the tree from being cut down, Woodward said, but it will be recycled and used around the campus in many different capacities.