Celebrating Easter at Willamettan Family Nudist Resort

MARCOLA, Ore. -- Just like many other families across the world, the Willamettans Family Nudist Resort has special Easter traditions.

"We had some grandchildren, little grandchildren, quite a few of them visit," said Richard Stockett, PR chairman for the Willamettans.

He said that when the grand kids visit grandma and grandpa for Easter weekend, they don't have to wear clothes.

The resort welcomed extended family members of their regular crew for a weekend filled with egg hunts, singing and an Easter Sunday meal.

Stockett said that even though the resort's population is aging, they've seen a bigger turnout than usual at their annual Easter weekend festivities.

"I'm getting older. I am going to die. We need someone to replace me," said Stockett.

Stockett says the resort is hoping a new generation can carry on what the resort, and social nudity, are all about.

"When you can take off your clothes and take off your persona and just be who you are, you can relate one on one with somebody else who has done the same thing," said Stockett.