Caught on video: Police search for mall shoplifting suspects

SALEM, Ore. - Police are looking for two women suspected of shoplifting from stores in a Salem mall.

The two women carrying over-sized purses stole more than $1,000 worth of iPhone and iPad accessories from the Mac Store at the Lancaster Mall on Wednesday night, police said. They also stole items from the mall's Radio Shack, according to police.

Staff at both stores said the women came back on Friday.

"It's really frustrating," said Mac Store Manager Nick Zatta.

Zatta shared their surveillance video with KATU News. "They go to the wall here and they just pick out a couple things that they want."

The video shows the suspects selectively seeking out items that aren't tethered down.

"One of my associates walks by there, unfortunately, missing what had happened there," Zatta said.

The suspects got away despite triggering alarms when they left the store.

It's not just the Mac Store that suffers from these thefts, said Zatta. Customers will pay for them too, in the form of higher prices.

"We're a computer store. We have cameras everywhere, and they aren't wearing masks."

If you recognize the women in the surveillance video, you're asked to call Salem police.

"They're going to get caught in the end, so justice will be served," Zatta said. "They deserve to get what's coming to them."

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