Caught on camera: 'He broke the glass, reached in and just ran'

EUGENE, Ore. - Security guard Gerardo Arangure patrols the grounds of Oregon Ice Cream company at Eighth and Grant.

On Saturday afternoon, his supervisor saw on a security camera a man wearing a black hoodie smash a car's window.

His supervisor called Arangure.

"We noticed that the suspect, the subject did take a purse from the vehicle," he recalled. "He broke the glass, reached in and just ran."

Arangure ran across the property to try to stop the man but the suspect was already gone.

He said Oregon Ice Cream reviewed security footage and saw that the man was casing cars in the neighborhood.

"I think he lives around the neighborhood," Arangure said, "and I think he does this for a living."

The man remains at large. Three people seen walking past the man may be able to provide police with a better description of the subject. Oregon Ice Cream brought the video to KVAL News in hopes that someone would see the footage and call police.

Watch raw video footage

With car break-ins, prevention is the best medicine. Sgt. John Umenhofer with Springfield Police said it's easy to protect yourself from vehicle thefts.

"Don't keep anything that's in sight of someone that would come up and scan to see if there's a wallet or a purse, or something, an ipod worth them breaking the window and grabbing."