Cats found in sealed container in store dumpster

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Two cats were rescued Saturday after an employee at the Washington Square PetSmart discovered the animals in a sealed rubber container inside a dumpster.

The cats were checked out by a veterinarian and taken to the Cat Adoption Team's shelter in Sherwood, according to Kathy Covey with CAT.

"I'm angry, I know the PetSmart people are angry and befuddled. We're all befuddled," Covey said.

One of the cats is a one-year-old brown tabby that may be pregnant, Covey said. The other is an orange tabby who they believe was spayed. She is 2-3 years old.

The employee who found the cats said he was taught by his mother to always look in a closed container if he found one.

The cats aren't available for public viewing or adoption right now.

Anyone with information about these cats or who left them to die is asked to call police.

"I can't even comprehend why someone would think that would be okay," said Covey.