Cat Yoga debuts in Eugene, and there is a waiting list

A cat at Greenhill Humane society. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. – One yoga group is getting kitty kisses while doing a downward dog.

On Sunday night, Greenhill Humane Society partnered with Eugene Yoga to host "cat yoga."

Many signed up for the 60-minute class that has cats roaming free.

Sunday night’s event was sold out with a waiting list.

Cat yoga is a fundraiser with a goal to invite people into the shelter.

“There's a misconception sometimes that shelters are sad places to go or that the animals are sad," said Sasha Elliott, Community Outreach for Greenhill Humane Society and First Avenue Shelter. "What we want to do is break that myth and invite people out here so they can meet the animals, see what loving care they receive, and, perhaps, fall in love with their new best friend.”

This is Greenhill’s first year doing cat-yoga, and they hope to make it a monthly event.

Greenhill and First Avenue Shelter have about 60 kittens and cats combined, but they have over 100 in foster care that will be coming into the shelters soon.

You can support the animal shelters by donating cash, in kind items, your time by volunteering, or by adopting an animal.

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