Cat breeder accused of abuse turns cats over to animal control

EUGENE, Ore. -- A cat breeder accused of animal abuse started working with Springfield Animal Control to find homes for the dozens of felines living in her home.

Betty Ann Gould, a Persian cat breeder and owner of a Springfield salon, is now cooperating with animal control in handing over the dozens of other cats that she kept at her Springfield home.

Residents in Gould's Thurston neighborhood told KVAL News that they have seen around 45 to 60 cats at her home, whom they say were poorly cared for.

"Betty is being extremely cooperative with us right now and has agreed to slowly start to diminish the number of cats," said Brian Austin of Springfield Animal Control. "We can make sure they get into good homes."

On Monday, December 3rd, police detained Gould for allegedly throwing a trash bag with two Persian cats trapped inside into the Willamette River. Both cats were rescued, and are safe and sound with Springfield Animal Control.

"It's not something that happens extremely often," said Austin."Unfortunately when it does happen it's extremely hard to prove a lot of the time. This time because we had such a great witness we were able to link it to somebody."

Animal control says they're working with the Green Hill 1st Avenue Shelter, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, as well as the Persian Breed Rescue to try and find homes for the cats.

Gould is set to appear in court on January 30th to face misdemeanor charges of animal abuse and abandonment.

Police say that if Gould is convicted she could be sentenced to over a year in jail.