Carter's Courier: Connecting clients day after day for a decade

EUGENE, Ore. - Ben Carter spends a lot of time behind a desk, but he's not the office type.

Years ago he traded keyboards clicking for cars whirring past as gravel crunches under wheels.

"I like it," he said of his job. "It's fun."

Carter is a courier, working from his wheelchair with a simple set up: a clear case full of correspondence.

What he does each day isn't quite as simple.

In 1 route, Carter visits 10 buildings.

In 4 hours, he travels 20 miles roundtrip.

And in 10 years on the job, he has missed 0 days of work.

"From here he goes to clear out to the other side of Springfield on a bus then comes back and does some shuttle stuff downtown," said Scott Whethan at Alternative Work Concepts.

Whethan's program matches jobs to people with mutliple disabilites. He calls Carter "independent, integrated - a working man."

Carter even helped design his own logo, which he sends out on each invoice for Carter's Courier.

"It wasn't just something to keep him busy or give him a chance to do something," Whethan said. "It's a valuable service to the business community."

And his loyal customers couldn't agree more.