Call center needs 150 workers by June: 'Hiring about 20 every two weeks'

VENETA, Ore. - First Call Resolution wants to hire 150 people by June.

Employment could eventually approach 300 at the new Veneta call center in the old True Value Hardware store off Highway 126.

First Call also has call centers in Roseburg, Grants Pass and Coos Bay.

"We're hiring about 20 every two weeks," said Michael Rice, the facility director in Veneta, "and we've had a great ratio of people in the local area coming to work for us, and we're really excited about the work force here."

With an overall decline in jobs over the last 20-30 years in Veneta, and over 80 percent of residents commuting for work, the city is buzzing with this economic opportunity.

"We're still in a 30 year transition," City Administrator Ric Ingham said. "Of what our old employer base was to what our new employer base is going to be. But entities like a First Call Resolution really help us with that transition."

To apply for a job, visit :

"Our goal is always to partner with communities and bring good jobs to rural Oregon and so we're really excited to have found Veneta and this site," said Katheryn Carnahan, First Call senior VP.