Caddie fighting cancer: 'So far, I'm above the divots'

BANDON, Ore. -- Caddie Jerrold Wyatt is known around Bandon Dunes as Wyatt Earp.

On Wednesday, as he caddied his annual birthday loop, Wyatt Earp said his time helping others battle the game of golf keeps him going with his own battle. The battle he has been fighting since 2008.

That battle is with cancer. "I'm a cancer survivor, still battling, I have stage 4 bone cancer and there's no... you just go along with life," he said.

He retired in 1995, but Wyatt wanted to get out and keep moving.

So that's what he did in 2000. "I went down to Bandon looking for something to keep me alive, and they says, "come back and you can go to work tomorrow." I said leave the work out, I had a job."

His cancer prevents him from being an everyday caddie, but Wyatt makes it down for a loop every year on his birthday. "I haven't missed a birthday, just that one in those 18 months."

When reflecting on how caddying has helped his fight with cancer, Wyatt compares life to the game of golf. "So far, I'm above the divots, and that's what counts at Bandon too."

As for the match against cancer, Wyatt says we all will be atop the leaderboard soon. "They'll beat it one of these days, they will."

Arnold Palmer once said that success in golf depends less on strength in body than strength of mind and character. If the same goes for cancer, Wyatt Earp is headed on the right path.