Buzzard Complex takes 90,000-acre bite out of SE Oregon

BURNS, Ore. - Wildfires in southeastern Oregon have burned almost 90,000 acres since a rash of lightning scraped across the state last weekend.

The fires are being managed together in a unit dubbed the Buzzard Complex.

The Buzzard is the largest fire burning the U.S., in the state - Oregon - with the most active large fires.

So far, firefighters have received a report of a barn lost the flames in the sparsely populated corner of the state.

But the fire threatens livestock, ranch buildings and sage grouse habitat, fire managers said.

A firefighting force is working around the clock from the air and on the ground to protect homes and limit the spread of the fire.

A fire camp and incident command post has been set up at Crane High School.

Evacuation notices have been issued to residents in the Crowley-Riverside Road, Crane-Venator Lane, and Riverside areas.

The fire had closed Highway 78. But evacuation notices for people near Highway 78 south of Crane have been lifted, and the highway is open all the way through at this time.

All access roads into Warm Springs Reservoir remain closed until further notice. This includes entrances off Highway 20 East, off the Stinkingwater Access Road, at Juntura, and at Riverside.