Bullets reload as jewelry in couple's home-based business

EUGENE, Ore. - Derek LeBlanc had 30,000 spent shell casings out in his shop.

Heidi Lusk went to the Eugene Pro Rodeo in July and noticed some ladies wearing earrings with shell casing tips or the butt-end of bullets that have been cut off.

She thought she could do it better.

Now Derek cuts the casings and does some polishing.

Heidi does the artsy-craftsy stuff.

Bullets into Jewelry is coming out with a line of earrings, tie tacks, money clips, necklaces, cuff links, rings and other adornments on their website, which started up mid-November 2013.

The typical customer reaction? "A lot of people, their term is--clever." explains Lusk.

Some customers are big time 2nd Amendment supporters, but LeBlanc adds, not all. "Agree with the 2nd Amendment or not, but our stuff is definitely a conversation piece and it's edgy, so we appeal to all walks of life," states LeBlanc.

The Eugene couple made the news in March when Derek caught a car prowler in the act - and Heidi broke up the fight with a cell phone and a shotgun.

They've parlayed their citizens arrest experience into another product--what they call conceal-carry handbags for women, with pouches for guns.