Budget cuts hit Eugene's parks on July 1

EUGENE, Ore. -- Maintenance at Eugene's city parks will see further cuts this week, according to information from a Facebook post by Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy.

To help cover the growing budget gap facing the Parks and Open Space department, the city will implement a few cuts on July 1 to improve the budget.

In the post, Piercy said the city received a notice that the maintenance budget would receive cuts because of the $300,000 reduction in general funds for Parks and Open Space.

Along with cutting two Parks and Open Spaces positions, there will be fewer trash pickups, parks will be mowed and watered less frequently, and the Sladden, Hendricks and Sheldon restrooms will close.

Regulars at Eugene's parks like Jessica Greene said aren't too happy about the changes.

"With such a lovely park there will be less maintenance, and the bathrooms will be closed. It will be much less useful for kids and families and it's just sad," said Greene.

The changes affect all neighborhood parks, Mayor Piercy added.

"It's clear that the city doesn't want to have to cut this, but the budget just doesn't want to allow it. But it seems like a really sad place to have to cut," said Greene.

Piercy said the city tries to avoid cuts at all costs, but the budgeting process requires they make reductions.

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Post by Kitty Piercy.