Briggs Middle School students are growing garden space

Briggs Middle School Garden Expansion Project (SBG, AF)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – The extended school year at Brigg's Middle School is working out for their school garden's advantage.

On Friday, 6th and 8th graders came together to create a plan on how to expand their school garden.

Teams of three students measured the garden space, brainstormed their expansion, and created a scale 3-D model.

Next year, their plans will come to life.

“We have grant funding to do this project. We'll be building it next fall. We started the garden last year and got more money in order to expand it throughout this year,” said Johannah Withrow-Robinson, 8th Grade Math/Science Teacher at Briggs Middle School.

The school will be using elements from the top three designs.

Throughout this school year, students have grown barley and worked on radish experiments in the garden.

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