Brewers prost the hop harvest with 'a celebration of special beers'

EUGENE, Ore. -- To celebrate the end of the pacific northwest's hop harvest, Oakshire hosted the inaugural Single-Batch Fall Bierfest featuring some of the rarest brews produced this year.

Oakshire's pub manager Dan Russo said their menu featured 40 different beers contributed by breweries across the northwest. Most were harvest and fresh-hopped beers that were only made in small quantities.

"Generally beer festivals showcase a brewery's regular lineup," said Russo. "It's a celebration of special beers... beers that brewers are only going to make once. So only a few people are ever going to drink them."

With some many rarities to choose from, beer enthusiasts like Andrew Oslovar had to come up with a strategy when approaching the tap list.

"We just put a check mark next to all the beers we wanted to try and we've been just gradually making our way through them," said Oslovar. "I may not be capable, but I'm very, very willing."

Much like the Oktoberfest getting underway in Germany, the Fall Bierfest has a beer garden that offers live music and food. Russo said that the festival runs at their public house on Madison until 10 p.m. Saturday.