Breast cancer healing tree: 'It has been powerful and amazing'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation is using a traditional holiday decoration to promote both physical and mental healing for breast cancer survivors at the Oakway Mall in Eugene.

The non-profit organization put up a "healing tree" in an atrium at Oakway Center.

The Christmas tree is covered in pink lights and ribbons, each sporting the names of breast cancer victims and survivors.

Several people held hands and prayed for loved ones around the tree on Sunday afternoon.

Brooke Jones of the Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation lead the prayer, and said that it was an emotional moment for everyone involved.

"There have been amazing notes on these ribbons that have brought me to tears many times," said Jones. "I watched a woman write her mothers name and then I watched a three year old write her grandmothers name. I just thought I would melt. It has been powerful and amazing."

The group plans to keep the tree up at Oakway Center until New Years Day.