Break in rain gives new Ducks time to move in

EUGENE, Ore. - Jill Sheffels helped her daughter move in at the University of Oregon on Thursday.

"It's really nice to see your daughter graduate and kind of grow into a young woman and be out in the world," the mom from Washington state said.

But as this mother parted ways with her daughter, this daughter parted ways - with her shoes.

"Yeah, shoes were tough," Samantha Sheffels said. "I hated narrowing down my shoes."

Over 3,000 students moved in Thursday with the help of hundreds of Oregon staff, students and alumni.

Julie Brown with the University said students often have a hard time parting with their most prized possessions.

"We do have occasions when some of those volunteers who were moving those things in are also helping to move those extra pieces back out to the car once they realize that its kind of a tight fit," Brown said.

But once all the boxes and bags are unpacked, it's time for all of these out-of-towners to get to know Oregon.

"People said the weather would be rainy all the time, but look at it today, it's great," said Virginian Morgan Murphy.

Give it a couple days, Morgan.