Boy Scout tree sales start around town

EUGENE, Ore. -- With Thanksgiving out of the way, people around the nation start to shift their focus to the rapidly approaching holiday season. For some families, it's never too soon to start decking the halls in their own homes.

That is where the Boy Scouts come in.

Scout Troop 175 set up their Christmas tree lot at the Albertson's on Coburg Road early Friday morning.

Their lot was crammed full with over 200 trees in multiple varieties of evergreen firs - ranging from Grand to Noble.

The money raised at the tree sale helps the Boy Scouts earn money for summer camp and scout trips.

Marshall Pandolfi, a member of Troop 175, said that he looks forward to the annual tree lot.

"It's a very good experience, it teaches you a lot of things like salesmanship and being kind to others," said Pandolfi. "It teaches how to use the sharp tools and not cut yourself!"

Troop 175 has been selling trees for more than 15 years, a nd stands as their primary annual fundraiser.

The Christmas tree lot will be open for the next three weeks from 2-8 p.m. each night.