Boy, 10, walking from Whoville to Oregon Capitol

EUGENE, Ore. - Ten-year-old Keegan Keppner made international headlines in January when he served breakfast to the homeless people living in the Whoville camp.

Keegan has cancer.

"I just feel bad for the people becoming homeless," Keegan said in January. "I don't want anyone to become homeless."

He set out from Whoville on foot Friday, bound for the state Capitol.

"I'm walking for Whoville and mostly all the unhoused," he said Friday, "and I'm walking to thank all the volunteers and organizations and also to deliver a letter to the state Capitol."

"It's amazing for a 10-year-old battling cancer to do what he's doing, not just for Whoville but for homeless rights in this county," said David Strahan, a Whoville supporter.

Keegan suffers from a cancerous tumor that affects his brain and spine. He also suffers from a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid fills the brain.

But he said that has nothing to do with his support of the homeless.

"There was a guy in a wheelchair," Keegan said. "His name was Ken, and he was crying, and that's how it all got started."