Book proceeds support child abuse victims: 'Self-respect and hope'

JASPER, Ore. -- Greg Ahlijian volunteers as an educator at Jasper Mountain Center, a place that specializes in working with victims of child abuse.

The local author turned the time he spent with the kids into a book, in the hopes that the lessons he's taught can inspire other victims to thrive after going through a difficult experience.

Ahlijian said all proceeds would go back to his students. Greg was inspired to write the book in 2009, modeling the story after a classroom discussion.

The book "The Large Rock and The Little Yew" is about a small Yew seed working to become a tree, however it is stuck inside a boulder.

He said the storyline follows what he tries to teach his students.

"Meeting life's challenges and overcoming. Having courage to overcome your challenge, having perseverance, having self-respect and hope," said Ahlijian.

So far he's raised over $56,000. He said his goal is to raise enough money using his book to build an outdoor courtyard for the over 40 students of the center.

"The Large Rock and The Little Yew" can be found on Ahlijian's website, at Hiron's Drug Stores, The Dancing Weasel on 17th and The Book Nest on Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield.