Blue jeans for a green home

EUGENE, Ore- Jeans are a staple for wardrobes in every home around the world. Now, denim is being used in making the home as well.

Habitat for Humanity Site Manager Charles Castle said that blue jeans are now being used as a green building material. Shredded and processed denim is now used as Insulation for homes around the world.

"It's a new initiative for Levi that we've been doing over the last couple of years and with the research that Levi Strauss and Co. has done, we see that there is a lot of waste after the consumer buys the jeans," said Nicole Kramer, the Employee Engagement Specialist with Levi Strauss.

The company encourages recycling jeans, which they turn into scraps and convert to insulation.

"One aspect of the construction process is that we are using this recycled denim insulation. Partly because of a wonderful grant we got from Levi Strauss that allows us to use this insulation which is easier and healthier to install," said Castle.

Volunteers with Habitat are building a home in North Eugene and its the first one to have denim insulation in the area. When the construction is finished, the house will be energy star certified.