Bijou Metro opens downtown: 'Everything we've wanted a theater to be'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Bijou Metro opened its doors as the newest business to join the downtown revitalization, giving Eugene's movie buffs a chance to satisfy their eclectic tastes.

Now officially open for business across from Kesey Square at Broadway and Willamette, Steve Newman spent Saturday leading the crowds of curious moviegoers on tours of the new film destination.

"Even though its larger its still very quaint," Newman said. "It's just like something you'd find at a Regal, for example - except for maybe a sixth of it's size"

The Bijou Metro has two more auditoriums than the original Bijou Art cinema has. Even though they have more screens, the auditoriums seat fewer people.

"We're just trying to make this everything we've wanted a theater to be," said Newman.

They have a digital projector for anime, indie, classic and foreign films. Yet they still satisfy the real movie buffs by running rare 35-millimeter film prints.

For Newman, downloading movies online has its obvious benefits, but he said nothing beats hitting the town and sitting down in a theater.

"We have all gone home and watched movies on our computers," Newman said. "But the appeal is having people to watch it with and think that the metro is really going to remind us of that."