Bigfoot: 'Often times, it smells like skunk. It's very filthy smelling'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Wildman of the Woods.

They all refer to one mythical creature, or is it real?

One man says he has the evidence to prove Bigfoot exists, and a Sutherlin woman wants to know for sure so she can move on once and for all.

Linda Newton-Perry is a Bigfoot believer. "I believe I smelled it, and I believe I heard it," she said.

She says she heard its distinct sound at the Oregon Caves. "It was kind of a 'Who, Who,' Linda said.

She also says they don't smell very good at all. "Oftentimes, it smells like skunk. It's very filthy smelling."

Perry didn't always believe. The interest began when she moved to the Pacific Northwest, or, what she calls 'Bigfoot Country.'

Page after page in a book she wrote noted about 70 sightings in Douglas County.

But even the firsthand accounts from her book don't compare with this one: Rick Dyer, known as the Bigfoot Tracker, says in 2012, he lured a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas.

How did he do it? With ribs.

Dyer says he hung them on trees, waited, and finally, shot a Bigfoot. "Bigfoot returned for another easy meal," he says. "I stepped out of my tent, I tracked him down. I killed him."

Does Linda believe his Bigfoot tale? "What do i think about Rick Dyer? I think he is a showman... and I think he might have a dead Bigfoot."

According to Rick, there is no doubt. "This is real. Bigfoot is real and I proved it," he said.

Dyer says the the body will be released this summer.