Big, Fat, Greek Festival: 'It's really about love'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- The ninth annual Greek festival in Corvallis drew in hundreds to enjoy the traditional music, dancing and - most importantly - food.

The two-day festival is put on by St. Anne Orthodox Church and is the only Greek event held in Oregon that isn't within Portland city limits.

The main chef behind all the baklava, gyros and dozens of other delicacies was Mona Soot. Soot said that she learned how to cook Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine from her parents. Some of the recipes used at the Greek Festival have been passed down for generations.

"It's really about love. Loving the food, loving the people, loving the culture and wanting to share our cultures with others" said Soot.

Soot said she has been heading the kitchen for the Greek Festival since it started back in 2003.

Festival Coordinator Kimberly Harris told KVAL News that the money raised goes to support the church.

"It is great for folks to learn more about our church and who we are and what we do. We feel like our Greek festival is like a community festival." Harris said.

Each year, the festival brings in over 2,000 people to enjoy the festivities.