Big boom rocks Marcola's morning

MARCOLA, Ore. - Tim Ullrich heard what sounded like an explosion Wednesday morning.

As the building shook, he worried a car had hit his office.

"All of a sudden there was a big explosion, I mean really, really big explosion," said Ullrich, an industrial office manager. "The entire trailer shook. We thought something very close exploded. The trailer shook with such force we knew it had to be close by."

He wasn't alone.

"I let my dog out, made her jump, so it definitely got my attention," said Dana Knepper. "I was thinking it might have been a logging truck."

A postal worker told KVAL News he thought a car might have hit the side of the Post Office.

KVAL News tracked the explosion down to landowner Steve Gold, who is doing construction on a new home on a hill in Marcola. Gold said construction crews had to use a small explosive to blow the top off of a rock.

Residents told KVAL News "no harm, no foul" - but said they would have liked a little warning.

Gold apologized for startling his neighbors and said he isn't planning any more blasting in the near future.