Beware of heat and thieves at the fair, but most of all: have fun

EUGENE, Ore. - The Lane County Fair opened Wednesday, and families lined up early to get tickets and try out the rides.

"I like scary and like butterflies in your stomach rides," said Paige Anderson.

"I like big and scary," her friend Claire Head said. "It's so much fun."

But with the fun comes caution. Fairgoers need to be prepared for the heat in the forecast this week.

"Make sure you wear sunscreen. Wear a hat or sunglasses, make sure you fill up a water bottle," said Rachel Bivens with the Lane County Fair. "Lots of food. Lots of drink. Lots of shade. And always be aware of how warm you are."

You can head indoors to exhibits, too, like the model railroad.

"We have Thomas the Tank for our preschool kids," said Lee Temple wit the Willamette Cascade Model Railroad Club. "They see Thomas or Percy or some of those things, and they absolutely go crazy."

If you're looking for the warmth of grandma's love - with the help of an industrial strength air conditioner - check out the quilt show.

"Quilting is still an art," said Nelda Copsey with the Emerald Quilting Club. "Way back with our ancestors, that's the only way they could make covering to keep warm."

Beyond the heat, fairgoers need to use caution to avoid being a target for crime.

"It doesn't cross my mind as much as it should, but I try and take my stuff with me," said Brenda Jackson.

Police said the areas near the fairgrounds are targets for car breakins. Authorities say that any time there's a good amount of unattended cars, it makes for easy pickings for local thieves - unless there's nothing to steal.

That's why Justice Reynolds doesn't bother locking the car doors.

"If you leave nothing valuable in your car, then there's really no reason to try and keep them out," he said.