Bethel 5th graders spend three days at outdoor school

Bethel School District 5th grade students took part in 2nd annual outdoor school. (SBG, AF)

DORENA, Ore. – Meadowview and Danebo 5th grade students are being reunited with technology after three days at outdoor school.

They've been at Grove Christian Camp since Wednesday doing a variety of team building exercises, like rock climbing and zip lining.

Two teachers started the outdoor school locally two years ago, and they hope to keep the tradition going.

“This year our big change was we had high school and college counselors and their enthusiasm, their participation has just made this the best time ever,” said Kevin Smith, 5th Grade Teacher at Danebo Elementary.

During the trip, students participated in hands-on science activities, like studying water quality.

The overall goal was to get the kids active outside and away from technology.

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